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Hi! Over the last few years, I've come across a secret art form - domains which have been registered just to display a single webpage.

I'm not talking about boring parked domain pages or serious stuff.

I'm talking about websites set up purely as a joke or to tell a story.

The idea

So I thought to myself "Why not a single page site celebrating single page sites? Yeah! Cool!"

So 30 minutes later and here it is. Yeah, the internet rocks!

This is the list of silly/fun/interesting one page websites I've seen over the years.


The rules are simple - if a domain contains one page that's silly/fun/interesting and consists of exactly one page and one page only then it's worthy of consideration for the list.

In special cases I'll add a site if there's one main page and a few supporting pages which have been added later.

Pure one-page only domains - classic silliness (don't panic - alt-f4 is your friend) - oh so calming - look again... - it really is - it's all over - rather odd - go on, have a look - Captain Kirk lives! - well not quite, but almost - someone actually bothered to do this? - and someone else too? - strangely compelling but scary when you think of the wasted time given the averages - do a google search to understand - Strongbad rocks! - really pointless - does what it says - may actually come in handy if you can't find a name for your new baby - could be handy to someone - you really could - don't expect much - they're not wrong - everybody's doing it - as I said - can you see it? - wysiwyg - <groan> - which page did you get? - a present - the gift in return - yep, pretty big - a very big number - an even bigger number - especially if you've seen the above site - another pointless one - another one that's just out there - likewise - same guys - ditto

One page subdomains - do a search on google for "weapons of mass destruction" - the awards say it all

One page sites with interesting links - "Things to do instead of sleep" - ah - good ol' colossal caves - actually useful - copious list of links to sites for specific movies - yep a list of pointless sites - kind of like this page really...

Basically one page but with a few supporting pages - a classic - kind of soothing - by yours truly

Got another great one page site? !

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